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Techniques for Improving the Rankings of Website on Search Engines Using Videos

The majority of people and companies are using videos in their blog posts, professional and business websites and social media. In a few years to come, individuals d businesses that do not use video in their site, blogs, and social media will make customers look elsewhere, where they can find videos. Videos can increase the rankings of a site on search engines. Here are several methods of increasing your SEO rankings using videos.

Add captions or transcriptions to your SEO videos. Search engines use text to crawl and index online content hence your videos need texts that you can provide to it using transcriptions. More people can view and click on a video that has been indexed video properly because search engines rank such videos highly. Video transcriptions or captions allow viewers to watch your videos in public places. Places like hospitals strictly do not allow people to make a noise of any kind therefore if your video ads are noisy, they will not bother to watch them. Video transcriptions allow viewers to turn the videos to silent mode without altering its message.

You need quality videos to ensure that your site matches the algorithms of the search engine. Search engines require you to create videos whose content is relevant to users of the internet and that your videos also attract a standard number of viewers. You need to use quality camera, ensure that the lighting and the background sound is alright, and minimize background noise and other things for you to have quality videos that will attract more viewers. More people are also attracted to quality videos.

Most of the people in the world own smartphones, and they are used more than other computerized communication devices hence create mobile-friendly videos. Consider the length, loading speed, dimensions of the video to ensure that the video will be viewable on a smartphone. A video that takes long to load demoralized more people from waiting for it to load or is too lengthy. Regardless of the size of the screen of the mobile phone, the viewer should be able to view full images. Your rakings will grow when more people are satisfied when they watch your videos on their phones.

Your videos should have quality and attractive thumbnails for them to attract more people. A thumbnail is an image that is displayed on the videos before you click on it. A thumbnail summarizes the content of the video in image form. When you use an auto select thumbnail, there is the risk that the viewer may not recognize the video or the thumbnail can become a freeze-frame.

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