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Loving Your Pet to Pieces

I know you love me, truly I get it. I just wish I could let you know which is why I’ve decided to express my feelings with pen and paper. The chemistry between us was real when we crossed each other’s paths. We’ve survived life’s bitter moments together. Our connection is far better than anything you’ve experienced. Communicating to you for me seems natural. I thought you’d like it if we were so much closer so much so that Romeo and Juliet would have nothing on us. All this, I am saying with love.

I know what you are thinking, I wish I could hear that from my pet. It would be so much easier to understand them right? That’s all fine and good but guess what? they won’t be speaking or writing anytime soon. Your dog can understand you expecting the same from you isn’t too much to ask. You want to receive the equivalent of what you bring into a relationship. Trying out their language isn’t at all a bad idea. Whoever came up with observation as a method of data collection was the genius of all times. You are likely to catch them in their moments of hurt or joy and diagnose the elements involved in either case.

Pets come more naturally endowed to handle situations than you are. You’ll leave them behind in the morning and they will be right there when you come back. Switch the roles and it would be a full blown situation. Treat your pet as you’d like it to treat you, that’s the golden rule. Believe it or not everybody loves watching Tom and Jerry especially your cat. To lessen chances of your pets getting bored leaving them to play with the kids or having some toys for them could do the trick. That doesn’t mean that they want to be in action all day, rest is essential for them. Getting them a spot that they can hide in would be very much appreciated. With pets the more the fun , the better the life.

That said your pets do have their own lives. Don’t let them settle for your routine. You can’t spoil them rotten because that’ just unfair considering your trying to lose weight yourself. Nature is medicine by itself and even much more for your pets thus you are doing them a favor by letting them be in their element out in their sun. You should measure the number of treats you allow your pets. If it is possible when they learn a new skill and when they’ve been in their best behavior. Save them for special moments like when they’ve been spectacular at something or learnt something you taught them. Pets are family , definitely but they also individuals and their unique nature should be retained and not be substituted.