Jim Plante Labels Himself as Serial Entrepreneur

CEO of Klotho Therapeutics, Jim Plante is a major player in the biotechnology industry. He has labeled himself as a serial entrepreneur thanks to his many head positions with various companies over the years. Plante not only runs Klotho, but has also founded and co-founded several other businesses. He has shown his skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, start-ups, biotechnology, program management, business development, and more.

Plante Capital Turned Thynk Capital

Since 2001, Plante has been a manger of his own creation, Plante Capital. He offers seed money and manages early stage investments for healthcare and technology companies. While the P.C. name is still listed as current on his LinkedIn page, it seems as though Thynk Capital has taken over Plante’s attention. He founded this version in 2011, working to invest in life science and technology comanies in their early stages. The focus is on addressing diseases that tend to come about when aging, such as kidney disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. The hope is to extend a person’s lifespan through the technology and science that these businesses develop.

Research Foundation Involvement

Providing investments to businesses is not all Plante does. He has also joined several research foundations that have a mission to help in particular matters, such as fighting disease. He is the founder of the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research that actively seeks to save lives. He is also a board trustee for The Biogerontology Research Foundation. The objective for this foundation is to find personalized solutions for anyone suffering from multiple diseases, rather than employing a single disease treatment. Age-related disease is the focus, just as his Capital business focuses on when looking to make investments. He also acted as a International Trade Advisory Committee Member for two and a half years before deciding to focus his efforts elsewhere.

Plante calls himself a serial entrepreneur, and many others agree. The man has dedicated his life to starting up businesses, investing in start-ups, and doing what he can to help make the quality of life better for those in the industry through his investments. With his name on companies like Thynk Capital and Klotho Therapeutics, these businesses are sure to thrive.