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Be Young in the Inside of Your Heart

There are so many people that say that age is just merely a number. They also say stuff like “young at heart”. I really do not have the full knowledge who “they” actually are, but actually the common theme that is in there is that no matter what will be your age, you can ask if you really do grow up? I was like I am in the early 20s only even though that I am really 32 years old now. I am sure that I am already older and I am already a little more wiser and aside from that I have already so many life experiences right into my side, but it seems that I do not feel like i am an adult now. You can take for example my husband where he is now 48. He lived many times before then me and still he feels that he was only in his 20s, despite of the fact of those aches and also the pains that he felt on his body that will remind him that he is not anymore young.

The smell of the dog’s urine is still very fresh from my mind and I could still remember I was walking right into the front door when that happened. They already had to let the Boxer to be able to ruin most of the carpet and also the part of that wooden floors. Those of the pictures that are left into the walls were now crooked and they have fallen and they are also being shattered.

When I go and then pictured to be moving right into the home of my boyfriend, I was never able to picture this one. But actually it is already expected when you are getting being involved with those some person who is now married before, there are are those little baggage that you have to carry in yourself. There is this part of me which is still thinking like I am a kid. I was just 22 and I was never able to do my laundry or even ran the vacuum. But actually, the love that I already had for my husband and also that of the vision that we have for our home had kept me going.

There are many times that it really does took time for us. We already had used several gallon for the paint and also for the furniture and then call to the Holland Homes for the kitchen repairs like those of the cabinet and also the backsplash. I now hung the pictures right into the walls and then added some of the personalized towels right into the bathrooms and then I purchased the new bedding and then that of the throw pillows.