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The Spectacular Orchid Flower.
Mother Nature has survived human activities for over a tens of centuries. The vegetation make our stay on earth more enjoyable. It is important to note that some vegetation have adapted to the present era in order to survive. Sir Charles Darwin a known historian one said that survival is for the fittest and not for the faint hearted.

The theory for survival has manifested itself in many creatures in the environment. The orchid flower as the name suggest is of Greece origin in that it has made sure the locals appreciate its beauty. Orchids have been taken by many people as the flowers of joy to human kind.
The orchid flower is older than most of our vegetation in the history of man. Thats a long time as our time frame on this earth is not been a third of the years it have lived on earth. The orchid flower is regarded as a strong flower that have survive the ever changing weather condition on earth due to global warming.,

The orchid flower is adopted in various occasions whereby it make the event colorful and attracting. Depressed people tend to change their emotions after smelling the sweet scent. In the 21st century the orchid flowers has been commercialized and it has been used as byproducts of many quality products. In that has been used to manufacture beauty products.

The famous vanilla flavor found in creams and baked products is extracted from the orchid flower. The cost of growing orchids is also minimum since no chemicals are used to grow it since it used as a byproduct for many eating products. In biology class we all learned about the self and the cross-pollination but orchid does not depend on this processes to continue growing. In many occasions bees and ants assists the orchid flower in achieving full pollination which it is important to its growth.

The internet is packed with a lot of information that assist any individual in growing any flower. The orchid flower survival has shocked many scholars. They are prospected to have existed in the dinosaur age.

In the North America and Asia it was referred to as a medicinal product that every person took to be cured of a certain sickness. In the modern age and also in the historical kingdoms orchids flowers were used to impress the female gender in a romantic date take for instance valentines date. This flower is special since it has inspired many historians and scientists who have make large contribution to the present knowledge. Our personality should be motivated by the orchid flower as it has brought joy to many people.