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Facts That Will Acquaint You with Guinea Pigs Nutritional Needs

Guinea pigs are tremendous pets and there is need for you as the pet owner to subject these guinea pigs to nutritious diets and foods. Guinea pigs are like human beings and they need to feed healthy meals and diet. Therefore, be concerned about the needs of the guinea pig before you start buying food for the pet. This article gets to enlighten you more on some facts which will eventually enable you choose the best food for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs like human beings require vitamin C in plenty but they are not able to produce their own Vitamin C. They are therefore unable to not only produce vitamin C but also store it hence you need to ensure they get 10-30 mg of vitamin C daily. Scurvy is what will follow where you are not able to feed your guinea pig with food rich in vitamin C.

there is need for you to have a good diet that’s rich in vitamin C introduced for the guinea pig. Nonetheless, people are always finding it hard to identify the right guinea pig diet or food. First, there is need to know that high-quality hay makes over 80% of the guinea pigs diet. The remaining 20% is for greens, pellets and treats at 15%, 4% and 1% respectively. Where your piggy isn’t receiving the right amounts of vitamin C through feeding on green veggies, you should consider using pellets as a supplementary option.

When it comes to buying pellets for the guinea pigs, you should employ keenness. In the marketplace, you will come across pellets with fattening ingredients which aren’t ideal for guinea pigs. The best way to avoid such pellets is avoid the lowly priced pellets as well as the flashy ones. Therefore, when buying the pellets, ensure that the bag is entirely filled with pellets and nothing else. This means that you avoid buying pellets where the bag contains the pellets mixed with seeds, nuts or even colorful flakes. This will automatically enable you avoid feeding your guinea pig junk food.

Apart from exercising keenness when buying pellets, you should also exercise the same when feeding your pet. Buy a bag that contains the best quality pellets. These pellets should be fortified with vitamin C and crucial minerals that will help your guinea pig stay healthy. Therefore, ensure to have hay ready for the guinea pig and have it also feeding on the pellets and drinking clean water. Feed the guinea pig an eight of a cup of pellets daily. Where possible, get greener veggies as well.

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