Getting the Facts Right About Vaping

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One of the popular pastimes people engage in is vaping, also known as the use of e-cigarettes. Because cigarettes already have a bad reputation with the health care sector, e-cigarettes have been given the same bad reputation. People tend to shun what they don’t understand or what they fear based on misinformation about something. It is time they understand the facts concerning vaping.

How is Vaping Different from Smoking?

The first thing to get straight about vaping is that, contrary to common understanding, vaping is not the same as smoking. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes involves large amounts of nicotine and tar, ingredients that are known to lead to lung cancer and other such ailments. Vaping is actually a vapor that is made of ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, a very small amount of nicotine, and different flavorings. There is no danger of releasing harmful toxins that will affect the user or people around him or her.

Vaping Does Not Lead to Smoking Cigarettes

There is a myth floating around that people who start out vaping eventually begin to smoke. The fact is that a survey was conducted on people who smoked cigarettes and used e-cigarettes. Roughly 98 percent of those people reported that they started smoking first before using the e-cigarettes. The e-cigarettes were turned to as an alternative to smoking or to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes Can Be Purchased by Teenagers

Another myth that exists about vaping is that e-cigarettes can be purchased by teenagers, making it a turn off for those who already have negative ideas about vaping. The e-cigarette or vaporizer cannot be legally sold to anyone under the age of 18. This should put the minds of those who think otherwise at ease.

Getting Correct Information about Vaping

It is important that people get the correct information about anything, including vaping. Rather than listening to the rhetoric of the uninformed and opinionated, people should go straight to professional sources of the product. If any persons are interested in researching the correct information about vaping, they have the advantage of going online. One of these websites is found at