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Factors that Dictate Manhood in the 21st Century
Times have changed since the age of our forefathers. This has left a gap in the identity of the modern man.
There are complications that are experienced when trying to define manhood in the current society.
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Being a man is in line with your ability to coexist with a society full of different people.
The first process to undertake is to identify what makes you tick. Whatever goals you set for yourself as a man will be used to determine you are accomplishments within the society. There is a shift towards pursuing once inborn purposes and goals as opposed to fulfilling the expectations of parents and society at large. Healthy value system is key in defining manhood in our society.
True manhood is not defined by uncontrolled demeanor and strength.
Humanity has inborn sensitivity towards other people’s feelings and needs and that should always be the case.
However, any man that engages in physical force, use of abusive language and bullying is considered to be weak and devoid of a broken manhood.
Insight and enlightenment have been used over and over to gauge the plains of manhood in the society.
It is true that an enlightened man will always have inner peace with himself and therefore be in a better position to appreciate the society and take care of the needs of others.
This particular phenomenon explains why there is an increase in yoga and the need for meditation globally.
In pursuit of the identity of the modern man, the gender roles has been quite a stumbling block.
Due to the changing times the role of man in the society has been taking a lot of reforms.
The former division of labour and stores in the final settings and no longer is dominant within the 21st century family set up.
Each family ensures an environment of mutual support and understanding even in matters to do with family chores and duties.
Due to the change of the atmosphere in the society at large, fatherhood has also adapted to the changes.
In the olden days a father will not be expected to spent the life at home raising the children and babysitting them.
As you work on becoming a real man ensure to be easy on yourself since this takes time and requires a huge deal of patience.
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